Advisory Board

Bureau for Listening is wondering upon what a possible advisory board for the bureau could be. We are in the process of finding that out – searching and discovering possible organizations and strategies.


The main intent of such an advisory board is to keep deepen and strengthen our work for listening as a practice and phenomena. We are interested in organizing a board able to challenge our own bias and limitedness in relation to listening and the bureau’s organization.

We hope to present an advisory board as soon as possible, probably fall 2023.

We are in the process of (re)finding the framework of such an advisory board. A process we find rather challenging. We would therefore like to share some of the questions we are asking ourself in regard to a possible advisory board for Bureau for Listening. Sharing these questions is a way for the bureau to attempt a kind of transparency and vulnerability. Some questions are perhaps more rhetorical, but others pose radical and fundamental considerations and practices that we find important in the process of creating an advisory board. These are only our early questions and we are looking forward to encountering new ones, also in relation to discussing the advisory board with ‘outside’ parties. We will add notes and further questions as the process continues.

What is the intention with the advisory board?

What questions do we ask for advice for?

And what kind of advice do we seek?


What power does the board hold over the bureau?


With what ethic do we invite to and attempt a practice for this board?

What ethic do the board seek to give advice on?


How do we compensate for the advice given?


In what way can the board help us navigate the Bureau for Listening as a project in a context of its founding-members primarily being white cis-gendered, privileged of wealth, education and safety?

In what way can the members give up power and privilege, seek reparation and community building?


What experiences, wisdoms and listenings do we hope for, ask for, need within the advisory board?


Why would anyone want to be a member of the board – what is offered in an expanded meaning of value?


What do we mean with an advisory board?

Can we challenge the stereotyped idea of power-men-in-a-group?

Can this board be more about community and fairness?


In what ways can the board be a practice for listening?

In what ways can the board be an artistic practice?