A Notebook for Slow Reflective Listening

A Notebook 


Slow Reflective Listening

In the context of a Testing Ground residency at Art Hub Copenhagen, exploring different listening practices, and in collaboration with Carolyn F. Strauss (director of Slow Research Lab); we attempted to conceptualize and craft a series of small gentle notebooks as a tool for existing and laying the day to ‘rest’, as well as for generative contemplation and staying-with, saving, and letting go the encounters and threads of the day.


The content of these notebooks is only to be read while engaging in a Slow Reflective Listening session.

This is an invitation to enter a slow reflective listening space for 30 minutes.  


Feel welcome to find somewhere comfortable, together with this notebook. How you define slow reflective listening is yours to interpret and engage with. We hope that this time and gesture will be of value to you.


The notebook is intended as a gentle companion, without expectations. How you spend your time together is up to you. 


Multiple sessions will unfold within and across these pages. The notebook hosts whatever traces you wish to leave behind. Please respect the traces of others.


Thank you for your presence.