Bureau for Listening is an attempt to foster, engage with, and care for listening…



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We do not wish to set up limits or boundaries for the possibilities and potentials of listening, and likewise do we not wish to set them up for this bureau. We will as a bureau evolve as we entangle ourself with listening through practice, research, projects, failure, friendship etc… We hope to get lost. At our core, for the moment, is a chance to experiment and research – what can listening be (?) and what can we as a bureau for listening do for this phenomena?


Art a central medium of this attempt to foster and stay with questions and experiences of listening.


Bureau for Listening is both a real bureau and a conceptual framework. We wish to gather, support and nurture elements and beings; experiment with projects, practices, and research; and aim for a long durational and slow nurturing of the bureau.


(This is not a manifest, and is likely to change).



We strive to let all the projects we are a part of reach out beyond those and what that initiated them.

New partnerships and entanglements are very welcome.

A more condensed possible project/group description (for those who cares about such a thing):

Bureau for Listening (2021-ongoing) is an artist and research group investigating and promoting listening as critical, empathic, and artistic practice. We work nomadic, transdisciplinary, and strive to engage others in shared practices and projects.


While we do not wish to ‘define’ listening as such, but rather hold this phenomena open, we do still ask that listening is engaged with as a transdisciplinary practice. We understand listening as more than the hearing of audible signals as it supports a range of relevant processes and projects, including: emotional and social recognition, community relations, establishing of attunement and discovery across human and more- than-human worlds, co-learning, and decolonial, eco- feminist initiatives. We consider listening as a creative inquiry and sensitivity; one that stimulates a caring and artistic being-with.

Bureau for Listening was founded in 2021 by:

Lukas Quist Lund (b. 1997) has a background in Applied Philosophy and History of Art, and works with philosophical and artistic wonder. Lukas is interested in and tries to explore, how wondering can be central within a philosophical and artistic interdisciplinary practices. Listening, as a methodology, something emotional, active, aggressive, as a strategy, a way for critique, as an artistic and academic practice and as a way of being, is an essential premise to this interdisciplinary practice. 

Amalie Sejersdahl (b. 1990) has a background in Performance design and performance arts. She works with different kinds of experiences and is interested in working with the whole body and all of our senses within an experience. Sound and listening is a crucial part of this and raises questions about how we experience sound in itself and in relation to its surroundings. She is curious about the intimacy of listening, how we listen, what happens when we become aware of how we listen, what it means and how it can expand and affect our experience of the world, a given situation or a piece of art.

Randi Lindholm Hansen (b. 1990) is a scriptwriter and experienced listener. Her work demonstrates a curious fascination of human relations, the intimate and the mundane. For Randi, listening is a way to exist in the world, privately and professionally. A way of orientation. Observation. Inspiration. The script is an invitation to enter an experience otherwise unknown to you, inhabit an unfamiliar perspective through identification with fictional characters. Thus, the script is an empathy generator. At the core of empathy is listening.