Laboratory for Listening

Laboratory for Listening is a long-term exploration and manifestation project of Bureau for Listening in collaboration with SPOR Festival.


As a laboratory we will through the installation and performative apparatus of the project investigate how to consider listening an artistic, critical and relational practice on its own. SPOR makes up an ideal testing ground for listening as a festival for contemporary music and sound art visited by diverse engaged listeners.


Bureau for Listening as a platform is committed to expand, investigate and promote listening from an artistic realm to larger societal structures.


A sonogram - imagery by the use of ultrasound. Foto credit: Barbora Kovacova

Field recording, from the 10th of May 2023, created by a SPOR Festival volunteer and explores the area around the laboratory (Institut for X):


As the project develops we will attempt to keep a documentation of its content.


However, the laboratory is a a performative and a slow-growing space why all of our activities or finding will have a durable digital mode for documentation. We rather invite you to visit the laboratory in-person; to take part in possible listening practice and help us expand and share these.


The set-up of ‘A Place to Lay Down and Listen’.


Manuals for Listening (soon ready).


Collective Listening (soon ready).


Documentation of the physical manifestation of the laboratory


We created a special Uniform For Listening for the manifestation of the bureau. Please see Uniform for Listening #III.


A Reading Room for Listening.


The Launch of Listening Club together with Aarhus Lydforening on the initiative of SPOR Festival.


More to come.

Office Calendar

More formal information:

The project is among others supported by: Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Billedkunst 


The project will run for three years, starting in 2023.