Listening Club

The Listening Club is a project by Bureau for Listening and Aarhus Lydforening initiated by  SPOR Festival.


What is Listening Club / Manifest:

The Listening Club is a nomadic space and community, where we gather around the experience of listening to evoking sounds. It’s an attempt to continue to expand and re-experience what it means to listen – among others – in a sensuous, critically, empathic and artistic way. We strive to learn and evolve from each listening session, which means that all participants hold a great influence over the club. Due to this we hope that the format, the content, intention and attention of each session will change. We wish to strengthen the community of listening and allow more time and space for listening to evoking sounds.


Basically, we are interested in what happens when we gather together, and listen together.


The Listening Club invites all interested to an inclusive space with a diverse program of sound and listening practices. 


We are looking forward to hosting and collaborating with a wide range of  different listeners in the attempt to share and grow a sense of togetherness when we listen. 


We strive to be able to present four sessions every year.

Info and programs for sessions:

Listening Club #1 / Programme

Saturday the 13th of May

Institut for X, Palmehaven, SPOR Festival 2023


Listening Club #2


The Listening Club do not have a fixed understanding of Listening and Evoking Sounds, but for orientation we offer a starting/working-understanding:

Listening can be experienced and performed as a transdisciplinary critical, emphatic and artistic subject and practice. Understood as more than hearing audible signals, listening offers and fosters community relations, emotional growth, attunement across human and more- than-human worlds, co-learning, and eco-feminist initiatives. Listening can be a practice for caring and wonder.


Evoking sounds at the Listening Club can be understood as all sounds that evoke and unlock memories, expanded connection and feelings. Sounds that are letting our mind and body dream and imagine. Potentially, this can be all sounds. We will just have to test them all, and see what is evoked. We do perhaps search for sounds that through sudden unexpectedness or depth challenges what we are used to listening to, and thereby evoke new sensations and sentiments.

Other information:

We strive not to include sound examples, here online for the Listening Club – come and experience listening together in-person.