What is a publication? What is it, when applied and grown for sharing and investigating listening?


We will as a bureau develop and publish different publication for, on and as listening. These publication will be gathered here as a possible archive. Some of the publications will be published as ‘standard’ printed matter, some online, some as live versions, some as unique zines or works of art, others as artists’ books and others in yet unknown formats.


We strive for a publication practice which serve listening.


Anthologies for Listening:

Anthology for Listening, Vol. I. (December 2022)

Anthology for Listening, Vol. II (Open call on its way)

(Ongoing trans-disciplinary and -aesthetic publication)

A Booklet Containing Textures and Traces of 24 Hours Landscape Listening. 

(Single site-specific hand-made booklet)

Philosophical essay:

Stathopoulos, Angelica: To Listen As If Already Listening. (2022) 

(Online publication)

Notes on Listening, Vol. VI. A report from the Field Office for Listening under The Grass Field Institute for Contemporary Listening

(Online publication)

A series of 20 zines were sampled as a documentation practice for the exhibition: ‘A Living Room as a White Cube for Listening’. Explore this library.

(Unique hand-made publications)