Center for Listening Ethics

What is listening ethics? 

What is the ethics of listening? 

What is the difference between these two engagements: ethics and listening?


In what way are ethics and listening connected and able to strengthen each other’s attempt to promote a good life? 


Is listening ethical? 

When is it not? 

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The Center for Listening Ethics will be a slow thinking and caring space for listening and ethics. It will attempt to cultivate different conversations and lectures relevant for the interplay between listening as an artistic and critical practice and ethical awareness as a framework for such practices. 


While based on a philosophical tradition, the Center for Listening Ethics will strive to work invitational and transdisciplinary. 


A first question to be asked is: what is a center for listening ethics – what constitutes it? What does it do – and not do? How will its pulse sound like? Does it offer a deep enough silence? Does it carry the rocks around? Does it collect the tears of the unheard? Does it lock down the institutions of violence?

How can just the idea of having such an institution for listening ethics lead to exciting thoughts and opportunities?


Will the Center for Listening Ethics be sufficient  as a concept? Or would it need to offer hugs, a shoulder to cry on and a soul to whisper to?

The center will work as an integrated part of Bureau for Listening. Please direct any inquiries to: