Protest Questions for Listening

Protest Questions for Listening

is a (protest) publication distributed for free. It contains a series of (protest-) questions for listening (one for each page); collected among our (listening) community and by interviewing and listening to people protesting for various causes. Some people were directly asked: what might a protest question for listening be? These questions seek to nurture, inspire and demonstrate how listening may be a possible form of protest.


The publication make use of the (open-source) protest-font: Mother Nature is a Lesbian. Which is based on a handwritten sign from a 1974 gay parade at Christopher Street, New York, and created as typeset by artist and activist Be Oakley at Genderfail Press, Brooklyn.

It is here used after an economic donation to Genderfail Press.

It both feels inspiring and empowering to right protest-question with/through a font that are carrying a long linage of protest. An acknowledge of how all protest already always stands on the shoulders of other protests… carrying and supporting each other…

“Mother Nature is a Lesbian” sign at Women’s March photograph by Bettye Lane | Aug. 26th, 1974

Examples of collected protest questions for listening among protesters, friends, and other gatherings: