What if, ‘exit’ only were possible by listening – or, put differently; what if, we listened each time we exited anything? The supermarked, our homes, our means of transportation, our classrooms, lawyers or doctors offices etc.





A sonogram of a human organ.

Sonography is a noninvasive, painless procedure, which generate images based on high-frequency sound waves. Sounds (waves) which we can’t hear.

EXIT ONLY BY LISTENING is a poster project, consisting of a poster installed in our daily places of existing. It is an attempt to insist on listening; to point toward listening, in places were we too often don’t have time or sense for it.

The poster alone is not the point, and we don’t really except people to stop up and start to listen just because a poster says so – but we HOPE that the poster will raise awareness regarding the act of listening.

Perhaps, those who register the poster wonders on the time and place for ‘proper’ listening – perhaps, the ‘proper’ time and place this way can be challenged, or identified, investigated, shared – perhaps, the poster can help shape new places for listening.




Koncept: Bureau for Listening

Graphic designer: Barbora Kováčová

A3, mono print by riso.

Printed at Actum, Copenhagen



The project started as part of ‘A Living as a White Cube for Listening‘, and is supported by:



EXIT ONLY BY LISTENING – the toilet of the café Din Nye Ven.

EXIT ONLY BY LISTENING – a room with a sofa.

EXIT ONLY BY LISTENING – an apartment in Nørrebro.

EXIT ONLY BY LISTENING – another (common) apartment in Nørrebro.