Bureau for Listening / Arts Letters and Numbers

For the duration of Marts 2023 a member of Bureau for Listening will be in residency at Arts Letters and Numbers, New York. The goal are to open-ended investigate different outcomes and practices for listening. This page is conceptualized as a container for these investigations.

The House on the Hill, the 6th of Marts at 10pm.

Different material in relation to the residency:

The field recording of walking from the studios to my room at the Hill on the House the 6th of Marts 2023 at 10pm:

Footprints in the snow on the way to the House on the Hill.

The field recording of walking from my room at the Hill on the House to the studios the 10th of Marts 2023 at 8:45pm:

Floor at the studios.
A street light and the moon.
My work 'station' the 6th of Marts.
Exit sign at the studios at 10pm.

In a moment of wondering what to do, a dear friend forwarded this citation from Rainer Maria Rilke’s Sonnets to Orpheus, Sonnet I:

A tree rising. What a pure growing!

Orpheus is singing! A tree inside the ear!

Silence, silence. Yet new buildings,

signals, and changes went on in the silence.


Animals created by the silence came forward from the clear

and relaxed forest where their lairs were,

and it turned out the reason they were so full of silence

was not cunning, and not terror,


it was listening. Growling, yelping, grunting now

seemed all nonsense to them. And where before

there was hardly a shed where listening could go,


a rough shelter put up out of brushy longings,

with an entrance gate whose poles were wobbly,

you created a temple for them deep inside their ears

Snowy landscape at Art Letters and Numbers

The 11th of Marts
The 14th of Marts

A place to sit and listen:

A place to sit and listen
Snow and Trees I
Snow and Trees II
Snow and Trees III