Snow Sculpture for Listening

During the residency at Arts Letters and Numbers a large amount of snowfall occurred. Ca. 50 centimeter. This initiated the experiment with creating an intuitive snow sculpture. 


It is not obvious, that it is a snow sculpture for listening – but, working with the softness and flexibility of the snow, while different layers of snow added itself from the sky, and the hands were unsure of what form they were searching, it was just involved in such a sculpture.

Snow Sculpture for Listening

What makes a sculpture a sculpture for listening?

Snow Sculpture for Listening with two chairs


The sculpture is exclusively hand-formed. 


The snow was rather heavy and thick, but very easy to work with. 


The sculpture kept growing – it outgrew its original foundational snowball.


At one point it was bare hands working with the snow. 


Sometimes different parts of the sculpture collapsed or fell off due to a lack of support. 


It was a peaceful and childish game. 


Most of the time, it felt like discovering the piece rather than dictating it.

Snow Sculpture for Listening, detail.
Snow Sculpture for Listening, detail.

Night interaction:

You are invited to experience the sculpture with a flashlight during the night.


Take a seat in one of the chairs.


Feel the snow, the wind, the softness of the snow.


Stay here, walk around the sculpture, listen to your surroundings.


Remember the piece might soon be gone –  melted away in a few days.

Snow Sculpture for Listening, detail.
Snow Sculpture for Listening, detail.

Sculpture a few days later – unspecific re-materialization by the weather:

Snow Sculpture for Listening re-materialization by the weather over a few days.