Walking Event

Milan Knížák


Walking Event

On a busy city avenue, draw a circle about 3m

in diameter with chalk on the sidewalk.

Walk around the circle as long as possible

without stopping.

Additional questions of possible intend (by Bureau for Listening):

– While walking, pay attention to your space-making

– What kind of listening is taking place as part of the exercise?

Further imagination:

– what if circles were drawn on public sidewalks, and in their middle was written: ‘Walk around the circle as long as possible without stopping.’ – would people do so, and what kind of listening would be taking place here – would the people following the instruction be a certain kind of listening-engaging-people?

Critical note

– How may we understand ‘… as long as possible’? Stopped by death, or by simple exhaustion, or simpler distractions? By other people and their interest in the space? Until you feel uncomfortable with the activity on a personal level and simple end it in order to feel good? – What is the actual possibility (of walking, space and listening) and the perceived possibility, the imagine (or unimagined)?


Original score by Milan Knížák, cited as in Walking From Scores. ed. Biserna, Elena. les presses du réel, 2022, pp 134.