Scores for Listening

Bureau for Listening is interested in how to perform a series of ‘historic’ ‘listening scores’. We are wondering, in what way we can respectfully and curiously enter and learn from different artists’ practice and the presented scores? What do we need to take into consideration the different contextualizations for the scores: the one(s) they were developed and/or intended for, and the one(s) we are now attempting to be able to facilitate or seek out?


These scores is not necessarily explicitly described as ‘listening scores’ by their’s creators. We are simply experiencing this ourselves – that the scores offer different means and learning experiences for listening.

We intend to continuously reinterpret the following ‘listening scores’:

Alison Kowles, Event Score #1 Shuffle, 1961.

Max Neuhaus, ‘Listen’, 1990

Tobias Kirstein & Claus Haxholm, Handbook of Aggressive Listening, 2014

Nana Francisca Schottländer, Expanded Listening, 2022

Pauline Oliveros, The New Sound Meditation, 1989

Yoko Ono, Grapefruit: Whisper Piece, 1961