Collective Listening

This is a small manual for listening to Institut for X during SPOR Festival 2023.

Take the manual, a pen and go outside.

Walk around until you find a place you want to stay for a while. You can stand, sit, lie down –  however you feel comfortable. 


Now, stay here for a while. This is your place now. 


Have you noticed your place?


Good, then consider following and write notes or draw whatever comes to your mind

How do you listen to the place?






If there are any sounds, how does it sound?






Can you listen to the place in a way, where you don’t focus on the sounds in your ear?






How will you describe it?






Do you experience any boundaries in your listening? How and how will you break them?






How are you feeling?






If you want, share this listening with others at the Laboratory for Listening by hanging or leaving it at the desk and be a part of collective listening to Institut for X.