A Path, a Place and a Sound

Site-specific listening is not possible to record – or perhaps, the recording itself is just always already site-specific, each recording unique to time and place; the movements and chances of this moment. And perhaps this go further – to the representation and reception of the sound, representation of site-specificity.


Every listening is specific.

Every sound, touch, movement and presence is specific.


From the mass receiving, reflecting or producing sound and relations, to the entanglements of attempting listening and being. Always already differently.


At the end of the path, on top of the hill, with a view over the grass field – there is a concrete windy sound recorded by the premises of the microphone in a phone and the positioning of this microphone. The listening went beyond the sound. The listening felt the loneliness of the place, the cold of the wind, and the intensity of wanting to scream back at the wind.

The listening remembered a childhood storm, and pondered upon the impact of the climate crisis in weather of the future.


Windy recording of the path, the place and the sound.