Excerpts from: Exercise for dialogical encounters and creations in and with a landscape/place/space

Exercise for dialogical encounters and creations in and with a landscape /place /space

[Encountered as a workshop exploring the artistic and methodological aspects of ‘to-go-visiting’ with/as a body, as part of a Testing Ground residency, at Art Hub Copenhagen, exploring the The Listening Body.]

Excerpts from a score developed by performance artist Nana Francisca Schottländer:

Move into the landscape/place/space by yourself, far enough to not feel near to others.


Walk slowly and attentively. Listen to the sounds around you.




Welcome any discomfort and explore it curiously, as a bodily experience.

Let it be. And be with what is.


Look around you. Spend time finding a place that attracts you and move towards it. Move slowly and step gently.


When you arrive, greet the place politely and ask permission to be there. If you feel a ‘yes’, then make yourself comfortable, gently taking care of the other entities present here.




Fall into the landscape/place/space and become part of it. Stay like this until you feel in impulse to shift your presence.




Spend time noticing the details and explore your chosen place. Who/what lives here and how?




Take your time to take it in and explore it curiously and respectfully.


Try to listen to the world as this object/entity/detail. How does it take in the world?


How does it shift your senses to listen like this?


Touch it like you would touch a newborn child or the cheek of your lover. With attentive care. Try to feel a connection between you.




Conduct an interview with the object/entity/detail.




Receive the answers as they come. Let the answers guide your actions and the interactions between you.




What is this resonance and connection calling for?


Dare to follow the invitations and do things you have not done before. Dare to be silly, sad, horny, playfull…




When you are finished, thank the place, bid it farewell and find your way back to the meeting place.