Phase II – to be and to listen

The second fase of ‘A Living Room as a White Cube for Listening’ is ongoing listening – ‘to be and to listen’. Basically, everyone will be invited to enter the living room as a white cube, with that only purpose to be and to listen. We will present different frameworks for ‘to be and to listen’, often in form of facilitated sessions. Different hosts will organize these sessions, and you are also welcome to create your own.


The ‘to be and to listen sessions’ will be announced accordingly as we organize them, but you are also welcome to request a session. Please contact us for setting this up.


Sign by writing us an email: (note that your participation is not secured before we notify you. Thank you for your understanding).


Scroll down to see the different explorations of ‘to be and to listen’.

Pages for Listening

We have install a serie of 4 booklets, identical in content but printet on different paper, with the title: Pages for Listening.

On the first page in these booklets have we written the following:


The following are pages offered to the attempt of listening. These pages are offered as an object, manual, partner etc. for listening.

You are welcome to do whatever you wish for with these pages.

3 suggestions could be:

  1. To turn one page every slowly and very gently at the time.
  2. Rip the pages into pieces (perhaps one page at the time).
  3. Write/make suggestions for listening and add them to these pages.


The sound of “Pages for Listening” being ripped.

What is now the relation between the (perhaps sculptural) booklet with ripped pages, the pieces of ripped paper and the sound?

What is the relation between the past, present and future booklet – how are they different, alike and the same?

Performative listening texts

Different performance-based texts have been installed in the Living Room as a White Cube for Listening. Their attempt bridges the being-in-the-room in relation to its site specificity and the search for an act of listening.


Different texts will be added and installed autonomously throughout the exhibition periode. Some of the texts installed can be read next.


No one will, or can, speak through this door phone. 

Try to listen. 


When you lay down on the floor, do you then feel the white color? 

Do you hear it whisper its pain from your weight? 


Try the sound and feeling of opening the door. 

If it feels good, do it again. 


There are people living on the other side of this wall.

Within the setting of this text, and the exhibition context in general, you may perceive these people’s living-on-the-other-side-of-the-wall as an integrated performance in the exhibition from 06:00 to 20:00. You are welcome to listen up against the wall within this time frame. The activities in the apartment on the other side of the roof and the restaurant underneath the floor is not considered as a performance within this exhibition. You are in general asked to be respectful when listening.

No further information on performance will be given. Please, do not disturb the performers.


Try to walk across the room. What sounds does it make?


Spend 1 minute observing the room. What inside of it was not meant for you to observe? 


Try NOT to listen.

To lay down and listen

What kind of listening is present when conducted while laying down?


We would like to investigate thise by inviting you to lay down and listen.


We do not imagine an air madras and white bedsheets to be necessary, but perhaps these, as equipments, offers us a starting point.