Influential Spatial Listening

Score for Influential Spatial Listening

To be performed in a public space (the space might be considered private for some individuals).


To be performed by one or more performers the actual number of performers might be held secret).


To be performed within a classified duration only known to the performers (usually from 15 minutes to influence enacted).

Phase I

Name/describe/define, what element in this, not further defined, space which confronts and/or disrupts and/or limits and/or provokes you the most? 


Answer (either in written form or inside yourself): 



Phase II 

Without the element or others knowing what you are doing, start to listen to the element; cast your secret attention on and around it; spy and observe. 


Start to surround it with all of your listening; cover all directions that the element might use to escape and transform (check also for invisible/inaudible possibilities).


Decipher how/if the element is communicating and/or relating to other elements in the space. Does it have allies? Map all points of contact by the element through your attentive, surrounding and constant listening. 


When ready, start to affect and transform the element through your listening. Influence it secretly.

Phase III

Without anyone noticing or knowing what you are doing, start to move around the element to the best of your ability. Observe and listen to it from different directions. 


The element must not discover you. You must stay stealthy (note: usually the best stealth comes through involvement, with double-agent acts and/or slow trace-making).


You may make use of different none-like-you sounds (knocking on walls, stamping on the ground, throwing of things or singing bird calls etc. as distractions or covering of your tracks). 


Continue your secret affecting and influence campaign until the element in question surrenders (changes to your wishes), or it no longer confronts/disrupts/limits/provokes you). You may make tactile withdrawals and return under other more favorable circumstances.