Notes for Listening, Vol. VI

Notes for Listening, Vol. VI

A report from the Field Office for Listening under The Grass Field Institute for Contemporary Listening

By Bureau for Listening, while in residency at Metropolis – Copenhagen International Theater, at the anthropocene (post-)industrial landscape of Refshaleøen, Copenhagen.

Spend some time at the ‘border’ of the field. Consider where the field starts and where it ends.


Enter the grass field slowly. Be attentive to your steps. Notice what you are stepping on. Feel comfortable with each step and move further into the field.

Move on your own around, slowly, attentively, and curiously. Notice what surprises you, elements you think of as unexpected.


Let the background surrounding the grass field fade away. Forget about the cars. Focus on the field. The grass become your whole world. Feel the weather, the wind, the humidity, the temperature. Smell the grass and soil. Let all this guide you towards a place you feel specially drawn to.


Spend proper time considering how to enter the place. Consider what way would be appropriate. Respect and investigate this way of entering the place.


If possible, then lay down with the grass. Lay on it, in it, under it, with it. When comfortable, start to relax. Let your body adapt to the ground. Adapt to its form and density. Breath slowly and deeply. Smell how the grass field is different when laying down from when walking across it.

Close your eyes. Place your body in a position for the grass to reach around you. Feel how the grass is investigating you, just as you are investigating it. Notice, how the grass is adapting to your weight, your pulse and smell. How the grass is discovering the texture of your clothing and eventually the surface of your skin.


Start to fall into the grass field. Become a part of it. Become aware of the vastness of the open field and the depth of the grass roots. Sense how the whole field is one living entity. Sense how all grass is connected, is one.


When falling into the grass field give in. Let it happen. Focus on your breath and let the grass field come to you. Stay still and feel how everything around is moving. Sense the tempo and directions of these movements. Listen to them with your eyes closed. Move through the grass.


Stay like this for as long as possible. For hours if possible.


When you feel for it, return to your own body from the grass field. Return to your own movements. When ready for it, open very slowly your eyes. Give thanks to the grass field hospitality. Exit the grass field very slowly.