PHASE IV – Aggressive Listening Reinstalled

One of our first projects were a public sound installation as part of an overall ‘Aggressive Listening’ project. We will from the 12th to the 21st of April reinstall the works in the living room. We will ask all guests to rearrange the installation, so each encounter become different.


We will also invite new sound pieces to extend the body of the project. Pieces that explore the context and the setting of the living room as a white cube for listening.



We will here upload recordings to be listened at in the exhibition; inside ‘The Living Room as a White Cube for Listening’. The recordings is conceptualized as site-specific, and are of/from the living room, but also from surroundings spaces in the neighbourhood of the living room. We hope the sounds from the past will expand the sounds of the present.


All the recordings are unedited and recorded with the microphone in an iPhone SE – the consequently poor sound quality is therefore a premise and layer for the recordings.

The strangeness of sounds that have happened in places for then to disappear is a premise and strangeness for all spaces. Sounds is being cross times. We hope to entangle the project with new dimensions by adding some of these ‘normally’ ‘lost’ sounds.

What is the implication of a place, if the sounds is not allow to keep moving, but instead are trapped and replayed over and over?

Would we wish that for anyone – or anything?

The street outside through an open window the 12th of April (11:27-11:39)


The street outside through an open window the 12th of April (22:40-22:50)

Inside the living room with closed windows and doors while reading and drinking tea the 13rd of April (14:15-14:25)

The sounds from a cafe nearby. The 14th of April (08:50-09:00)

A walk around Assistens Kirkegaard the 14th of April (10:33-10:43).

The ‘noise’ of a recording itself, due to its bad microphone (from laying in my bad while almost sleeping) the 16th of April (22:12 – 22:22).