PHASE X – House of Ears

Photo credit: Jonas Hall

The House of Ears, a project by the sound artist Morten Poulsen, is being reinstalled in the Living Room as a White Cube for Listening. This is happening as part of an exchange of practice and experience between Morten and the Bureau for Listening.


In April 2022, we were invited into Morten’s House of Ears, a makeshift room within a room made of thin and soft fabrics, to collectively question our listening: how we listen, what we listen for, how it feels to be listened to, and what it feels like to be heard. Here we did a series of exercises and conversations about listening – about what it means to be heard and not being heard. These sessions were facilitated by Morten as part of his practice-based artistic research project.


As part of the exchange we have now invited Morten to present his work at our place, inside the Living Room as a White Cube for Listening. This time without Morten present, we will attempt a 1:1 reinstallation of House of Ears in terms of size, ‘decoration’ and the sense or direction of the room as an open place for an exploration of listening. The re-installation will also be a shift away from the space as a ‘White Cube’, by its walls being hidden by the fabrics.


It will be a space without Morten present, which means there will be a collective task in keeping the House of Ears alive, listening and attentive beyond the original facilitator.  


A text about the project and Morten’s findings will be available and integrated in the House of Ears.


Find out more about Morten Poulsen at

House of Ears will open the 13th of June. It will be open ALL day (09:00-21:00), so drop by.

It will also be open as part of our A Gathering for Listening the 16th of June – 16:00-21:00.

Furthermore, it is always open by appointment, so let us know what time would fit you.


We will look forward to welcome you.