Phase XIII – An Envelope for Filled Silence

This is an attempt on an envelope for filled silence – a little gesture we wish to send, give away and leave different places.


An Envelope for Filled Silence, 2022

Envelope, paper, earplugs, instruction

Dearest you


This is an attempt on an artwork – or a kind of artwork. Or, in the attempt of realizing this piece, please consider it as such. 

This letter is for you, and we hope that it matters.


We ask you, to ask yourself, truthfully, and wonder upon, bravely:  

     What would happen if you really listened… 


     … really listened to the filled silence…


     … to the filled silence surrounding you right now? 


     If you listened to the filled silence of this envelope… 


     Would you still, be you? 


Kindest regards

Bureau for Listening




We have added a pair of earplugs to this envelope. You might find them useful.