Proposals for Listening by the Field Office for Listening

We propose an office for listening in the field.


We propose proposals as a practice for listening in the Field Office for Listening.

We propose to listen in the fields rather than in the closet.


We propose to lay down, very still, for at least 60 minutes in the field and feel how the field reaches back, embrace all matter, and hugs the one whom awaits.


We propose to go out and listen in the dark.


We propose writing suicide notes as a way of listening.


We propose listening over a long duration of time. Maybe on the same time line as trees or grass fields travels.


We propose to consider the wind as a medium for listening – to consider the wind as a voice and instructor of wisdom.


We propose to accept that vi are always already situated in a landscape as a premise for one’s ability to listen.


We propose to risk yourself while listening.


We propose to be afraid of listening, as children are afraid of their parents’ tears and silence.


We propose to wait for the landscape to speak back at one’s silence.


We propose to not have opening hours at a proposed field office.


We propose walking in a circle until you forget.


We propose growing, like a grass field is growing, as a practice for listening.


We propose to explore the potential of listening while freezing.


We propose to ask: what can be perceived as a borderline between one landscape and another – and if no clear border, what does that say about listening?


We propose to dance as a way of listening. To dance alone, with others, with the wind, the pauses of movement and the collapse of time.


We propose breathing slowly was a possible practice for listening.


We propose playing hide and seek as a exercise for listening.


We propose listening as a premise for all revolutions.


We propose listening to the sun beams dancing between grass straws.


We propose letting tears watering the field as a practice for listening.


We propose to let go and fall. To let go and fall and await the grass field to capture you.


We propose for objects for listening to be taken care of.


We propose to let disappointment and humiliation inform new kinds of listening.


We propose a vibrant form of listening – attuned to the planetary landscape.


We propose to reject gardens as a place for listening.


We propose listening as an escape for gardening.


We propose listening as a form for connectedness with more-than-human-entitles, without proper clause here for.


We propose to resonate with landscape – to resonate with its breathing, bending, and dancing.


We propose our bodies as our instrument for listening.


We propose the landscape as a site of worship.


We propose moving as slowly as possible, maximum a meter in a minute, as a practice for listening.


We propose spying on the landscape, its inhabitants, and movements, from a position inside the landscape.


We propose caring and deepen ourselves into the landscape as possible form for activism.


We propose tracking the grass straws constant and changing movements.


We propose whispering when communicating in the landscape.


We propose taking ourselves secrets and impossible confessions with us to the landscape. We propose to offer the landscape these secrets and confessions.


We propose to stay with and in and as the trouble.


We propose listening to every grass straw while the sun is rising.


We propose crossing the grass field slowly in the hiding as a practice for listening.


We propose not dictate to the landscape what should be considered part of the landscape while being in or without it.


We propose letting the grass field expand, and then expand our listening with it.


We propose being with temporal singing of birds and insist on not to record these scared sounds of communicating.


We propose to scream in the middle of night as a warming up exercise for listening.


We propose to pick 100 grass straws individually as a form for listening.


We propose listening as a kind of readiness.


We propose memories as a material for listening.


We propose listening as a wholeness for the particular entities.


We propose listening to autumn.


We propose listened landscapes, rather than listening to landscapes.


We propose that listening not being just listening.


We propose listening as something to do with sensing before and after the ability to discuss.


We propose listening as a filter, and that listening needs different filters.


We propose listening as a letting go of narrative.


We propose listening as an escape from explanation.


We propose wandering into the grass field naked and covering our bodies with the early cold morning dew.

We propose to play listening.


We propose climbing trees as a listening.


We propose to expose ourselves before listening.


We propose listening as a way of being here now.


We propose listening as a practice for diversity in the grass field.


We propose offering new logics.


We propose crawling across the grass field.