PHASE VII – A place to lay down and listen

This is a continuation of the first installation of an air madras for guests to lay down on and listen as part of phase II – to be and to listen.


Now the madras will be set up different places in the neighborhood for people to use as a tool or context for listening – a place to lay down on and listen. This will be done oddly; day and night, along the streets, in backyards and parks. There will be no plan – it will just happen in the way possible for it to happen.

A Place to Lay Down and Listen

The sound of pumping air into the madras.

And a video (also with sound) of it being done.


Does this kind of documenting matter?

One might wonder: which sounds can only be heard while laying down?


Does the earth reach up toward you differently, now when your body cover a larger area?


How is it to lay next to another – and just listen?


Do your way of listening change over time – how after 5 minutes, after 30 minutes?


When do sleep take over from listening? And how does listening stay you while sleeping?

In collaboration with Bladr – platform for artists’ books and MABB (Malmö Artist’s books Biennal) was the bed for listening set up in a slightly different context.

Here you could lay down together with the artists’ books.

The bed, a place to lay down and listening, will continuously be set up different places in the city and will be available when visiting the Living Room as a White Cube for Listening. The documentation will however not remain consisting.